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8/19/08 1126CT Update: We were able to reschedule Doug from Listen to the interview which starts about the 30 min mark. Log on an donate today!

8/12/08 915pmCT Update: Our guests from were unable to make the show. We apologize for any inconvenience and are working to reschedule their appearance. Catch the show in its entirety as we switch to “Plan B”.

Coming up on 1 Sep 08, four Navy Submariners will attempt to climb Mount Fuji FOUR times to raise money for charity. Their donation goal is $10,000. Join us in helping them reach their goal.

One of the climbers visits us tonight on Navy Wife Radio for a inside look at the training involved, how the Fuji Challenge ( was born and more.

Plus, we will be talking about our new feature and we have a special guest host.

Catch the conversation LIVE! tonight at 9pmET on Navy Wife Radio hosted by

Here is the show link:

Fuji Challenge article in the Stars and Stripes


Last year, two climbers (Jeff De Groot and Doug Szwarc) climbed Mt. Fuji 3 time in one day in order to raise money for the Shunkou Gakuen Orphanage. The trip spanned 23 hours and 38 minutes while raising nearly $4500 for the orphanage. The money was used to purchase the orphanage 8 bikes, an industrial washing machine, a DVD projector system, as well as over 20 DVDs for the kids. It made us feel great to visit the orphanage recently and see the kids pedaling around on the bikes – the amount of enthusiasm from last year’s climb was phenomenal and we hope we can match it this year!


This year there will be four climbers — Rob Lovern, Doug Szwarc, Luke Nelson, and Mike Raney. We will be starting from the 5th station (2305 meters) of Mt. Fuji, making 4 full round trips to the summit (3776 meters) and back. This will equate to climbing 5884 meters (19,304 feet) up and subsequently 5884 meters down (i.e. effectively climbing up and then down a 5884 meter mountain in one day). This is equivalent to climbing up and down Mt. Kilimanjaro in one day, or 10,000 feet short of climbing Mt. Everest in one day.

Donate today and help make a difference.

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