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LIVE! with MCPON West


Wednesday, January 27, 2010 – With over 15,000 fans on his Facebook page (, MCPON Rick West (Master Chief Petty Officer of the Navy) has embraced the use of social media to connect directly with Navy families, Sailors and retirees. Posting photos of his travels as he meets Sailors across the fleet and posting his views on current issues, he is engaging Sailors and families in a whole new way. Join us as we sit down with MCPON West to chat about social media, OPSEC and how he sees the future of social networking sites as a way to communicate with Navy families. We’ll also be sharing a few tips on practicing safe social networking. You don’t want to miss this show! You are sure to learn something to share with your FRG, command and/or extended military family! HOOYAH!

Show Link:

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Show Date: 15 Dec 09, 9pm CT

USO Girls

On today’s episode we welcome Jamie and Caroline, the DFW USO Girls. Jamie and Caroline volunteer their time in the “Admiral’s Lounge” for our service members and also at the gate as our troops get ready to depart back into theater. They share with us what services the DFW USO offers. You can read more about the DFW USO Girls on their blog – Also on the show we remember our troops that are serving far from home this holiday season. We want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and to remember the reason for the season!

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100th Episode featuring 2009 MSM Military Spouse of the Year and Branch Finalists

Show Date: 20 Oct 09, 9pm CT

Join us as we welcome USAA’s & Military Spouse Magazine’s Military Spouse of the Year, Marine Wife Tanya Quiero along with the branch finalists. It’s going to be an informative and fun time, so join us. Nominations are now open for the MSM 2010 MilSpouse of the Year at

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Staying Close During Separations

Show Date: 13 Oct 09, 9pm CT

Tonight we are giving you some ideas for keeping a strong relationship and staying close during a deployment / sea time / time apart. Plus, we are going to share some favorite social networking sites.

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Debt Free Living with June from USAA, Travel tips with Erica and Summer Fun

Show Date: 4 Aug 09, 9pm CT

We have a fun show planned for you tonight!! First up we are sharing what we’ve been up since our last show, which include some funny stories. We are talking about your role in managing your families finances, with tips with June Walbert from USAA. So, if you are facing your first deployment and your first time handling the money – relax we have some great advice for you – we also have some advice for saying no to that impulse buy! Plus, our travel expert military spouse Erica stops by later in the show with her fav military discounts and our Summer Fun series! Join us!! Click to listen!


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Summer Fun and Girls Getaway

Show Date: 23 Jun 09, 9pm CT

Today on the show we are kicking our shoes off and enjoying some candid conversation sharing some funny stories. We are spending some time talking about our summer favs in our 60 days of Love Summer series. We’re recapping last Sun nights episode of Lifetime TV’s hit series ARMY WIVES and announcing who goes home with the Season 2 *ARMY WIVES* DVD! Later in the show MilSpouse Travel Writer Erica stops in to share her insider military travel discounts for this week and ideas for that girls weekend! Join the conversation!

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Erica MilSpouse Travel Writer and Nikki Fitness

Show Date: 16 Jun 09, 9pm CT

Join us for the start of our 60 days of Love Summer. MilSpouse Travel Writer Erica stops in to share her travel tips for this week. We’re talking Disney and options for that long weekend. Nikki Fitness visits to help keep us on track with our fitness goals If you haven’t checked out her video Military Wife Workout, it’s a must! You’ll have twice the workout in half the time!

Click to Listen!

Meet Erica Pena-West – Military Spouse Travel Writer

As a public relations professional in the travel industry for many years, Erica offers an insiders look at travel and tourism. Knowing the ins and outs of the industry, she shares with you her expertise in finding travel discounts and deals. Erica has had a regular column called “Sweet Land of Liberty” in various military newspapers throughout the country for over four years. She is also avid traveler, a Navy wife and the mother of two sons.
Find this weeks military travel discounts and more at


Order the Military Wife Workout from

Click here or on the photo

More about Nikki:


It took a lot of hard work for Nikki to get from small town Pennsylvania to making fitness videos in New York City and Mexico.

Nikki got interested in fitness at Sayre Public High School, where she ran track and made the cheerleading squad. She got scholarships to attend Syracuse University and made the cheering squad, which allowed her to go to the games and travel. She spent hours every day practicing and learned about choreography.

When she got engaged, Nikki knew she had to get back into shape and planned a small destination wedding and honeymoon. That is when she started the first of many fitness certifications.

She realized that there was no instruction manual or video that was tailored for destination wedding brides. She started teaching exercise classes. She figured if other people were depending on her to show up and get them in shape, that would get her back in shape too.

She went on to write wedding planning articles for wedding magazines. (See NikkiBeach press page.)

Nikki’s group fitness focus is cardio-kickboxing, step aerobics interval training, muscle sculpting, exercising “on the ball”, “bandcamp” (exercise bands), arms and abs drills, and “bootycamp” (for your backside). She’s worked in fitness centers across the Northeast, and for a non-profit organization called, which helps needy women get exercise.

She now works at Crunch Fitness in Manhattan as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor, and in April 2008 will be taping a fitness video called NikkiBeachBride, so she can help brides plan their dream weddings from the inside out.

Nikki has also provided fitness advice in Military Spouse Magazine, Fitness Magazine, Woman’s Day, Women’s Health, and USA Today.


Always consult your physician before starting or modifying a fitness program.

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Our blog is moving

moving_truckHi Everyone –

Soon our show website / blog will be moving to a new location. We are so very excited to bring to you features that have been requested by our listeners!

The new place features forums to discuss show episodes, blogs from our listeners, and much more.

We are expanding the platform from Navy life to Military life and we can’t wait for you to join us.

The new place will have a section for you to browse through previous episodes, a place to suggest your ideas and as always a place to ask your questions!

If you would like a back stage pass to the place being built just for you, you just need to do one thing…

Click here —–>

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