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New Show featuring Sarah Smiley

Upcoming Shows and Guests:

October 16th – Operation Dinner Out – Reactions and Thank You’s Part 2 – with Special Guest Sarah Smiley!

Sarah SmileyLast week we planned on airing a highlights show, but after such a huge interest we decided that we should probably do a LIVE show.  We are so glad we did!  We broke our record for the highest number of LIVE listeners!  Tonight Sarah Smiley joins us with her reaction to Operation Dinner Out. We also want to hear your reaction and feedback if you attended the Op: Dinner Out. We need to let our sponsors know how much you loved the event so they will continue to support future events!!

We’ll hear what Sarah Smiley has been up to lately, what she is working on next. Her latest column referencing Rush Limbaugh and more!

Our call in # is 646-652-4629.

To listen live go to:

Show Details:

October 16th – Tuesday
9pm ET
Yahoo and AOL IM: Navy Wife Radio

Be sure to put the show on your POD (Plan of the Day)!!

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Op: Dinner Out – Last but not least…

I could not forget to thank all of our panelist during our interactive Q&A session on Deployments and Creative Communication, our guest speaker Kim Austin, plus a few special guests.

Panelist: Command Master Chief Richard Trimmer, Tammy, Liz and Honey, all of you were wonderful and very helpful in answering the many difficult questions and even the most popular “how to take a sexy photo for your husband”. If you have been a visitor around here, then you know that is our #1 question. I know, I know you might not believe me and think I’m crazy, but it is true. I couldn’t make up something like that even if I tried!

Guest Speaker: Fitness expert Kim Austin from – Kim shared an open, inspiring and moving message about her fitness success story. She turned her new found passion for fitness and getting healthy into a business with her business partner Amy Perez. A Navy wife, she is a true inspiration for us all when it comes to following your passion and creating a life while following your Sailor throughout his Navy career. Thank you Kim for sharing and inspiring us all!

Special Guests: Star Henderson and Tara Crooks from Army Wife Talk Radio. Tara the “original” podcast host of military spouse talk radio. Tara and I met at a Mil-Spouse conference in San Diego back in May. She has welcomed me into this new media and I thank her and Star for making the trip down from Ft. Stewart!

Babette Maxell – Founder and editor of Military Spouse Magazine. Babette was unfortunatley unable to make our event, but she was there in spirit. As we mil-spouses know all to well, “life happens” and it affects our plans. We look forward to Babette coming to our next event and to her coming on the show in the very near future!

Thanks everybody for making Navy Wife Radio’s first LIVE event Operation: Dinner Out an incredible success and a night to remember!!

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Op: Dinner Out Thanks Sarah Smiley

In my previous posts I’ve shared and thanked the “behind the scenes” people of Operation: Dinner Out.

What you might not know is how this whole thing got started!

One night on air while we were chatting with Sarah Smiley we talked about having dinner. Our listeners chimed in and just wouldn’t hear of us having a dinner without them! We listened and planned a night to remember.

What most of you don’t know about Sarah’s appearance last Saturday night was that she spent the entire day at the writers conference on Amelia Island. In fact she had been on a boat just hours before our event. I’m sure after a full day she had thoughts of a quiet evening with her hubby Dustin (after the kids were in bed of course). Her and her dear friend Margaret braved the weather and made it our event.

Sarah’s message to the military spouses (and a few retirees) in the room was engaging, funny, warm and thought provoking. She even was gracious enough to take questions from the audience. Of the many things she talked about was the idea of having something “healthy” to become dependent upon during a deployment. Some people become extra dependent on things like their children (as she explained this was something she experienced with her mom at times), alcohol, the tv, unhealthy relationships, or even a “crush” (yep I said it). She talked about creating healthy relationships and that “nights like tonight create an atmosphere to do just that”.

I had never looked at the things I tend to replace all that time I would spend with my husband once he is deployed. It makes perfect sense though doesn’t it? We all need to make sure we live our best balanced life and that includes making time for and creating good friendships.

Marie and I love sharing our favorite things. It’s always better and more fun. I hope you enjoyed one of our favorite things: Sarah Smiley!

Thanks Sarah for everything!

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Op: Dinner Out Sponsor Thank You’s

An event like Operation: Dinner Out is only successful if you have a team of volunteers and sponsors who believe in your mission and support it 100%.

In my previous post I thanked our amazing and key volunteers. Today, Im going to concentrate on our team of Sponsors.

Having planned group functions, along with some hotel experience, Im no stranger to planning a large event. However, this event was completely different. It truly was a labor of love, something I was completely passionate about!

In securing the sponsors for this event we approached a few key organizations:

Title Sponsor USAA. Their belief that we could pull off an event is a huge vote of confidence for Navy Wife Radio. USAA is a company that “knows what it means to serve” and they take their relationship with the military family very seriously. I can’t thank them enough for their support. – The next time you are moving or selling your home, be sure to visit They are a wonderful resource to find homes in your new duty station area and a great way to advertise your home for sale (even if you have a real estate agent). Their belief and support of this event is very much appreciated and I can’t wait to work with them in the future.

Operation RE/MAX – This great organization is committed to help military spouses take their careers with them from duty station to duty station. They recognize the loyalty, level of commitment and work ethic in military spouses and they created Operation RE/MAX, a training program that helps spouses start a career in the administrative and agent side of RE/MAX. We are so excited they joined our event and sent to wonderful ambassadors Chuck and Cathy Allford. They were amazing and such champions of the military family. Chuck, retired Air Force, and Cathy fit right in and we can’t wait to work with them again.

Billy and Gayle Blanks – TaeBo – Billy is passionate about fitness and his relationship with the troops and their families. He and his daughter Shellie were on our show a couple months back and they let us know if we ever needed anything to ask them. When we were planning this event, we approached them and they came through for us in a huge way. We love Billy, Gayle and Shellie and thank them for their support of military families.

Donations also poured in from:

Soldiers Angels – our Charity Partner

More Donations came in from
Jacksonville Jaguars
Bead Work by Sheree

Other key thank you’s:
Bath and Body Works
Toby’s T-shirts
Big O Production Company
Jessie with the Hyatt Regency Downtown Jacksonville Riverfront
Command Master Chief Richard Trimmer and his wife Janet
USAA Onsite Rep. Hardy Kircher – Capt. US Navy Ret.

Promotion by:
Tube Daze – Hey, Shipwreck!
USO – Jacksonville

All of these companies love the military and love supporting the troops and their families. Again I must state, Operation Dinner Out would not have happened without these folks.

We are proud and honored to be supported by them!

I hope you felt the love from all these sponsors!

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Op: Dinner Out Photos

I was so busy running around, I did not take one photo. Please send me your photos!

Thanks Shakyra for this one! We are all wearing our Billy Blanks, Team TAE-BO hats!

Op Dinner Out Group

Thanks Kristen for this one!

Op Dinner Out

Andrea, Veronica, Kristen M., Kristen R., and Shakyra

Updated 10/11:  Click here for more photos

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Op: Dinner Out Complete and Im Recovering…

I’m still recovering from our wonderful Sat. night event, Operation Dinner Out. This experience was amazing on many levels. I just had to get on here and thank a few key people who without their help, I would have been in a deep mess.

(I plan on writing more highlights in the next few days, once I catch up on my sleep and Im not on the road anymore.)

An event like this takes a team of volunteers to selflessly give their time and energy for a cause greater than themselves. Our goal was to make all the ladies in attendance feel appreciated for all their sacrifices they experience in support of their husbands duty to protect and defend this great nation of ours.

Coming in from TN and needing on-site help, I asked two individuals to assist with the evening. Tammy from Mayport and Megan from Kings Bay (who writes on this blog). Now these are women who I had never met in person only via the “internet” and “phone calls”. They handled the registration desk and stuffing of our bags among other things. They were amazing and I am SO thankful for their help! Toby who managed to take my .jpg files and turn them into usable art work. Our wonderful AV guys from the hotel staff who set up our wireless microphone. We had planned a DJ and had a video presentation with Navy Wife Radio highlights, but our production company ran into an emergency the day of the event and we were forced to do what will mil-spouses do best. “Adapt and Overcome”. The heavy rain caused late arrivals and we made the decision to delay the start of our program. Thank you to all of you who were patient with us.

It goes without saying Marie, we had so much fun hosting the night for you. Its important to note she took the day to spend preparing and enjoying time with all of you just days before her husband will be gone at school for six weeks. Marie among other things (receiving and storing tons of boxes), spent hours emailing and making phone calls promoting the event and even handed out flyers on the soccer field. Now the women on her boat “know who she is” , “She’s Marie on Navy Wife Radio??!”. We both (believe it or not) tend to be private people. This was our first “event” where we stepped from out of the shadows of “internet radio” to LIVE and in person. It was a HUGE step for both of us and Im thankful we were received in such a warm way.

Meeting all of you in person was a bit overwhelming, exciting and so much FUN! Thanks to some great email blasts from the local bases and organizations, we had women in attendance who had never listened to one of our shows or even been on our website. How exciting!

We learned a lot during the process of planning this event. Through your comment cards we learned what you loved and how we can improve. We will take all your suggestions to make our next event even better!

I had so many of you come up to me and tell me you had a wonderful time, had a fabulous dinner and really enjoyed Sarah. I had TONS of hugs and I met the sweetest brand new Navy wife who singled me out to tell me this was her FIRST wives functions and that she was go glad she came! ….and with that, I’ll call the night a success!

I’d love to hear about your experience! Please send me an email to wendy(AT) or leave me a comment! Oh…..and please ladies send me your photos!!

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We’re on for Tonight

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Email your Last Minute Reservation!

Our online registration is now closed for Operation Dinner Out.

We do still have a few remaining slots, but you have to be quick. Email me at and I’ll reserve your spot. You’ll just need to pay $10 at the door.


Update:  It was Christmas at Marie’s house today.  Between today and the past few days she has received over 8 boxes of goodies for your ladies.  You are SO going to feel the love from our sponsors !!

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This is SO not a Wives Group Meeting!

Ok so we have gotten quite a few comments about our event that resemble “I don’t do the wives meetings”.

This night is SO not a wives meeting.

It is completly the opposite. There will be no talk of fundraising, party planning, official business, none of that.    

Now I have been to wives meeting that were awesome and fun, but if your experience was not the case and you are afraid that is what you will experience……I promise Marie and I are so not about a “wives club” atmosphere. We will have a fabulous dinner (napkin in your lap, sit down dinner) with dessert and Starbucks coffee just to name a few things!

It a night out with your girlfriends (Wendy, Marie and Sarah)……leave your troubles at the door!

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What People are Saying about Operation Dinner Out

If you haven’t registered, you only have a couple days!! Don’t wait, time is running out!

From the Stars and Stripes –Tune into Spouses on Internet Radio

They are planning a live event this fall with Navy wife and author, Sarah Smiley. “Operation Dinner Out” is set for Oct. 6 in Jacksonville, Fla. more

From – Anyone near Jacksonville, FL

Some of our friends over at Navy Wife Radio got together and put this dinner together for military spouses – it’s at the Hyatt and any spouse is welcome. Star and I are attending and we’d love to meet you. more

From Chapomatic – Jax and KBay Spouses – Dinner this weekend?

Navy Wife Radio is headlining a dealie in Jacksonville, Florida this weekend. Sounds like it might be fun.

Although if they really want to “stir the pot”, as it were, maybe I should call in and ask about what the scoop is on the rumored phenomenon of Tide Box Placement back in the day. That should get some stories about neighbors and coworkers and their friends. Oh, man….more

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