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What’s Your Story?

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What’s Your StorySeptember 4th – What’s Your StoryOn today’s show we are joined by Katee and Megan. We are talking about writing / journaling and how it can help when dealing with a deployment and everyday life. Also from USAA we have Tom Shaw, Assistant Vice President for the Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering units at USAA, dropping by to talk about how to avoid Fraud Schemes.

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September 4th – Tuesday
9pm ET
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Tonights Show features Tom Shaw, Assistant Vice President for the Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering units at USAA. Tom, the son of an Army 101st air born division affiliate, has over 10 years of military and on-line banking management experience and is considered the Fraud and Anti-Money Laundering Management expert for USAA. Tom holds a Bachelor in Science degree in International Economics from Texas Tech University and a Master in Business Administration degree from Our Lady of the Lake University. Tom is a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist and holds memberships with the International Association of Fraud Crime Investigators, Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist, Association of Certified Fraud Examiners, and the BITS (Banking Industry Technology) Fraud Reduction Working Group. For more information on this hot topic visit

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Keeping Score with USAA’s June Walbert

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usaa_moneytips.gifAugust 28th – Keeping Score Join us as we welcome back June Walbert, Financial Expert for USAA.

Our focus is credit scores. A hot topic at June’s guest speaking engagements. We’ll talk about what is a credit score, how to find out what yours is, why isn’t important and how to raise your score.

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August 28th – Tuesday
9pm ET
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Third Day’s Brad Avery and friend Scott Thomas say “Thank You”

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August 7th – Join us for Brad Avery, of GRAMMY- winning and multi-Platinum-certified Christian rock band Third Day and his friend Scott Thomas. They have co-penned “Thank You,” a song that expresses gratitude to the troops for their sacrifice.


We are so excited to welcome Brad, Scott and our USAA expert to the show!

Join us LIVE at a special time of 12pmET!

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August 7th – Tuesday
12pm ET
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Also joining us USAA Financial Planner J.J. Montanaro. J.J. shares with us the importance of starting early when saving our kids college funds and more.

Additional details on the song “Thank You”:

You can download the song and all proceeds go to wounded troops and their families.

The song has been selected by “A Million Thanks” as their official theme song. As you might recall Shauna Fleming, the founder, was a guest on Navy Wife Radio back in May.

The song was inspired by a soldier who Scott Thomas (co-writer) met at the airport. The soldier was departing for Fallujah after a two week visit with his family in the U.S. After a moving conversation, Scott felt led to reach out in some way. Wanting to do something positive with all the negative news coverage of the war, he and his good friend, Brad Avery, put their thoughts and feelings to music.

“We also hope to invite others to express their thanks verbally and through random acts of kindness to soldiers and their families,” shares Avery.

Although they use the word “soldiers”, “Thank You” could be said for all troops with boots on ground and in support of the GWOT.

Be sure to take a listen and download the song.
From their myspace page: “Scott and I really wanted to write something that would encourage the veterans, troops and their families. We are sooo grateful for their continued sacrifice….”

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Getting Fiscally Fit! with June Walbert from USAA

Note: Follow up post from our visit with June Walbert on Tuesday’s show “Being Physically Fit & Fiscally Fit!”.

usaa_moneytips.gifRunning away from your debt?

Five easy steps to get you going in the right direction.

USAA Financial Planning Services

The average American has almost $8,500 in credit-card debt, so you’re not alone if you’re struggling with how to pay off your debt. But with a little planning and a lot of commitment you too can become credit-card debt-free.

Stay on TRACK to get out of debt

To start running circles around your debt, take these five steps:

• Take a break – stop charging more to your cards.
• Request lower interest rates.
• Avoid late fees by paying on time.
• Create a budget.
• Keep pace by using one card once you’re debt-free.

Jump the first hurdle:
The first and most important move toward getting debt under control is to stop charging immediately. Put your credit cards in a shoe box on a high shelf, shred them – whatever it takes to create distance between you and the cards.

Make strides with lower rates:
Call your credit-card company to request a lower interest rate and consider consolidating your debt onto one card. Be sure to read the fine print for details on how long a low-interest rate will last, and if there are transfer fees.

Pace yourself with a budget:
Learn where your money is going. Create a spending record by writing down how much money you earn and spend each month – include all expenses as well as impulse purchases, like a new DVD or pair of shoes. After a few weeks, review the list to see what items you can cut out. You’ll likely be surprised to find where your money is going. Next, develop a budget by listing items that absolutely have to be paid, such as the mortgage, utility bills, insurance, and groceries. Then, be sure to redirect some funds toward paying off your debt.

Build speed with bigger payments:
Try to pay more than the “minimum amount due,” so you can reduce your balance faster. Pay your bill on time to avoid late fees and damage to your credit score. Set up online bill payments to make sure your bills arrive on time.

For those of you serving in the military, being deployed may not seem like a potential boon to your financial situation. But, smart management of the increased pay could help you pay down your debt in short order. Having the discipline to pay off debt with the hardship pay could give you an extra push toward a zero-balance. Take advantage of the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, which gives active duty military members exclusive benefits, such as reduced interest rates on credit cards, mortgages, and auto loans.

Stay on track with one card:
To reduce the temptation to go back to spending, trim your credit-card usage to one or two cards that you use for emergencies. If you use a credit card once your debt is paid off, be sure to pay it off in full each month. This will strengthen your credit rating and help keep you on the right path.

Now that you have a five-step plan to help you stay on track to get rid of credit-card debt, you can take bigger strides toward financial security. For more information, visit

June Walbert is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM practitioner with USAA Financial Planning Services, one of the USAA family of companies. Walbert is a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Have a question? Here is the # we talked about on the show:
USAA Financial Advice Center

Look for a future show with June on the topic of Credit Scores! Date TBA

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Navy Wife Radio LIVE! Tues 24th at 2pmET – “Being Physically Fit and Fiscally Fit!”

Update: Listen to the Billy Blanks show here

Billy and daughter Shellie Photo Credit from

July 24th – Billy Blanks and daughter Shellie & USAA Money Expert

Join us for Fitness expert, TAE-BO creator Billy Blanks LIVE! at 2pmET.

I met Billy at a spouse conference in San Diego last May. He made an impromtu appearance and gave such an amazing message to the military spouses in attendence. One of the things he said that I’ll never forget was, “It’s an honor to be in this room with all of you.” He was so geniune, down to earth and had such great ENERGY as you would imagine, I couldn’t wait to introduce him to all of you!

Get ready to be MOTIVATED by Billy Blanks and we are hoping his daughter Shellie will be able to join the fun!

Today’s show is all about “Being Physically Fit and Fiscally Fit!”

usaa_moneytips.gifOther guests include an USAA expert June Walbert. June combines her expertise as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with USAA Financial Planning Services with her 17 years of military service to help families get their finances into shape!

Join us LIVE at 2pmET!

We welcome your phone calls. Our call # is 646-652-4629.

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Show Details:

July 24th
Yahoo and AOL IM: Navy Wife Radio

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Music Credit: On this episode we will feature the song: “Is This Love” by Thomas Anderson now available on iTunes. This song was made popular on the hit TV series *Army Wives*.

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